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About Odin Wine Co.

Odin Wine Co. was founded in 2020 by longtime industry veteran Andy Gustafson. Our goal is to bring distinctive, exciting, and honest wines to Wisconsin and manage their distribution to restaurants and retail venues throughout our state. We partner with wineries and brands that are often family-owned, and who make delicious wines. Furthermore, we proudly partner with those who produce wines, ciders, and spirits as sustainably and responsibly as possible.

The wholesale three-tier model in Wisconsin can be challenging for small producers, we recognize that. Oftentimes their wines are buried in huge warehouses, if they are even carried at all. Odin Wine Co. is built with these brands and gives them focus and a voice in our markets. We want these wines offered in our favorite restaurants and retail spaces, so we work hard to get them there.

Relationships matter. We value our partnerships with suppliers, winemakers, growers, importers, freight & logistics companies, and many others who produce and help get the wines we love to our customers in Wisconsin. As a family-owned, independent company, we enjoy working with other family-owned wineries and brands. We enjoy sharing their stories and histories with our partners and offering new and exciting wines to Wisconsin restaurants and retailers alike.

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